Graphic Facilitation : Picturing your Big Ideas


Above: The ImageThink story, a profile by the Applegate Network, 03:33.

ImageThink Principals, Heather Willems and Nora Herting have thirty years combined experience as artists, educators, and facilitiators

Who Are We?

As New York Citys first and only graphic recording team, ImageThink is redrawing all the rules about annual meetings, keynote events, and other brainy gatherings.

Founded by passionate pioneers with a background in art, education, and facilitation, ImageThink was created by Nora Herting and Heather Willems to visually drive discussions, create lasting records of free-flowing ideas, and provide actionable documents to continue the conversation long after the event.

Whether youre looking to communicate clearly, engage your audience, or unlock your teams creative potential, ImageThink helps you illustrate your point and enhance your impact.

What Do We Do?

Our graphic recording and graphic facilitation makes live content stickNora Herting and Heather Willems Principals of ImageThink. From brainstorms and strategy sessions to keynote speeches and trade shows, we help audiences, leaders, and teams absorb complex information at a glance.

Is it entertainment? Education? All we care about is that it works: two-thirds of us are visual learners, and live graphics make speeches, meetings, and presentations memorable, fascinating, and clear as day.

We also craft engaging images for original videos, illustrations, and interactive workshops. Check out our full range of services.

 Who loves us?

It’s good to be loved! Featured in TED Talks, on the Today show, and in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, ImageThink is thrilled to be the Official Graphic Recorders for SXSW Interactive!

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