Graphic Facilitation : Picturing your Big Ideas

We love what we do.

Above: The ImageThink story, a profile by the Applegate Network, 03:33.

ImageThink Principals, Heather Willems and Nora Herting have thirty years combined experience as artists, educators, and facilitiators

Who Are We?

ImageThink is New York City’s only graphic recording firm, founded by Nora Herting and Heather Willems. Heather and Nora share a background in fine art and art education.

They also share a passion for turning big ideas into clear communication. Between them, they have over a decade of experience working as graphic facilitators.

ImageThink uses the art of graphic facilitation to help organizations of all sizes unlock creative potentialtrain their teams and communicate their ideas by harnessing our innate visual literacy.

What Do We Do?

We support meetings and events of all kinds with graphic recording and graphic facilitation. We also use our skills as visual thinkers to help clients create engaging and original videosillustrations, and workshops.

Nora Herting and Heather Willems Principals of ImageThink

Nora Herting and Heather Willems Principals of ImageThink

Both graphic facilitation and graphic recording enhance understanding and retention, increase participant engagement and create concise and beautiful summaries of information.

Two-thirds of all people are visual learners. Graphic facilitation presents data your team or your audience needs in the way they can process it best.

If you need your team to understand and act on complicated information in a short time frame, graphic facilitation is the tool you want to use.

Our graphic recording has supported:

  • mergers
  • brainstorms
  • strategy and mission development
  • IT implementations
  • culture transformations
  • advertising pitches
  • keynote speakers
  • panel discussions
  • trade shows
  • and more…

Our services are not limited to graphic recording live on-site, we can also help you transform your PowerPoint, process maps, or gantt charts.

We are passionate about the power of visuals and are happy to speak about or lead your team through workshops on our process.

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