Book Recommendation: Draw Your Own Alphabets

May 22, 2014

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61xNlGEbpyL Cursive, bubble letters, big font blocks, what are some of your favorite type choices? At ImageThink, we love adding to our company library. And recently, we’ve loved working our way through Draw Your Own Alphabets by Tony Seddon. Looking for the perfect font? There are many ways to make your writing feel more personal, and none carry the charge of using a custom-drawn font! Draw Your Own Alphabets is a fun, hands-on workbook that teaches how to create funky hand-lettered fonts sure to jump off the page, poster, or screen. Having a diversity of fonts in one’s own practice is a perfect method to make certain pieces of information POP. It is also an effective way to add character into a text-heavy capturing mode. Have a character brand workshop coming up? Try practicing fonts in advance that could represent different emotional profiles: aggressive, soft, curious, energetic, stark and funny. Draw Your Own Alphabets is a fantastic guide to exploring different type and giving you the play by play to cultivate your own unique font. There’s even a technical section that shows how to put your hand-drawn creations to practice. Once you have your own font down, tweet us the results @ImageThink! And, to learn more about ImageThink’s services in Graphic Recording drop us a line at