Zen and the Art of Photography

Last week my friend, Douglas Beasley, hosted a workshop titled Zen and the Art of Photography at the Open Center here in New York. ┬áDoug’s fine art photography explores how the sacred is recognized and expressed in everyday life. In the workshop, he spoke through his practice, introducing to us how he integrates a spiritual path with his practice of photography. Through a slide lecture of his beautiful photographs and a open group discussion with 30 other photographers in the room, he showed us how photographs can act as prayer-like offerings or as departure points for our visual journeys.

Sweatlodge Pipestone, Minnesota

I met Doug while I was living in Minneapolis as a fine art photographer. I was fortunate enough to get to know him through his exhibitions in town and while we traveling for a commercial assignment through out the US. Doug is a fantastic artist, a great teacher, and has a kind open heart.

Please take a look at his website and visit him when he exhibits in New York later this year!

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