Virtual Graphic Recording #LikeableLeaders with Dave Kerpen

When it comes to engaging an audience and eliciting immediate and direct feedback to which you can respond, Graphic Recording can’t be beat.

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Engage phase

Smashing That Like Button for Likeable Media

Dave Kerpen knows a thing or two about marketing. As the founder of Likeable Local and Likeable Media, he boasts an impressive list of accolades: New York Times best-selling author; regular contributor to Forbes, INC Magazine, and Mashable; and the CEO of one of INC Magazine’s 500 fastest growing private companies in the US.

Dave commits the same purposeful flair to everything he does—that killer orange wardrobe is no accident. In the same vain, when he launched his #LikeableLeaders interview series, it was important to Dave to elevate it.

Rising above the tide of social media content is a tricky thing in normal times, and during a global pandemic, when studio setups give way to sheltering in place, and lighting kits become desk lamps, Dave recognized that finding unique ways to differentiate his content was more essential than ever.

A Polished Presence

Thus, Dave turned to ImageThink. A bespoke zoom background turned any room into his home studio, and real-time graphic recording anchored conversations with engaging visuals, supporting guests like JetBlue chairman Joel Peterson and former Squarespace CEO Dane Atkinson.

More than just providing some additional visual flair, ImageThink graphic recording served to memorialize Dave’s discussions, and provide a tool of direct communication between Dave, his guests, and their audience.

Each of the events we’ve supported was viewed by thousands and generated hundreds of comments, many in direct conversation with our illustrated notes.

A Lasting Impact, a Meaningful Gift

The video recordings of Dave’s interviews now live proudly on Dave’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages. The visuals ImageThink created gave Dave an asset to share on social channels long after the live interview wrapped, meaning that what started as 30 minutes of content led to evergreen material for the year to come.

#likeableleaders live graphic recording with JetBlue chairman Joel Petersen and Likeable Media Founder Dave Kerpen

JetBlue Chairman Joel Peterson liked the visuals so much, he mentioned that he wanted a copy live, and Dave was able to send him a printed copy as a gift and small way of saying thanks for having the conversation. Now, more than ever, Dave’s #LikeableLeaders series offers much-needed calm, clear advice for uncertain times. It’s a privilege to help that message reach a wider audience, and to capture that wisdom for those who will find it at a later date.

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