Unplug Creatively, Without Losing Touch

As we graphic record at ImageThink, we constantly come across the topic of ‘unplugging’ from the technology-packed world. While it is efficient to stay in touch with your colleagues, friends and clients via social media and technology gadgets, we agree with many social media experts on the fact that everyone needs to unplug themselves once in a while.

Like Michelle Phan says in her talk on social media, it could get stressful when the Internet is ‘on’ 24/7; it is important to learn when to shut off. Sarah Lewis, author of “The Rise: Creativity,the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery”┬ádiscusses the temporary ‘removal’ from the public space in order to be more intimate with creativity in a Wired article: “Albert Einstein considered the difficulty of maintaining what he called his “worldly cloister”. The phrase hints at the paradox of the process of invention — releasing something new to the world requires a temporary removal from it.”

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As we work through the summer, we at ImageThink are offering a few tips on ‘unplugging’ yourself from the usual routine and boost your creativity, while still bring productive and connected to the world.

1. #Draw instead of Instagram

It is surprising how much time we spend looking at the world through a screen. It is refreshing to look up at the world around you and record the details with a pencil and a piece of paper, instead of taking a snapshot with your smartphone. Plus, you will have something fun to share later.


2. Write down your tweets

Write down the little snippets of thoughts in a notebook, on pieces of found paper, on handmade cards, on a white board, or napkins at a bar…The Wall Street Jounal published a research showing the act of writing trains the brain’s cognitive functions.

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3. Make a physical list

Instead of typing up a to-do list on your phone or laptop, try using a large piece of paper or a white board to plan your next project, vacation or party plan. Using graphics helps us increase memory, manage and prioritize better, have more creative and complex ideas, and communicate emotions, as shown in ImageThink’s principle Nora Herting’s article ‘Revitalize Your Brain’.

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4. Enjoy the outdoors

After all, unplugging is about embracing the physical world around you and leaving the virtual one behind for a brief moment. So put down your sketch pad, smart phone, laptop, and take a walk in the city you live in. You never know what visual cues you might pick up that will bring the break through to your next big idea. We have been receiving updates from our west coast office about the wonderful scenery in San Francisco, CA. Check them out with us on Instagram! (After you have successfully taken your ‘unplug’ vacation, of course.)


Have fun with these creative activities! Have other tips to unplug? Please leave a comment below. Want to learn more about boosting creativity by using visuals? Email us at info@imagethink.net for more information on our workshop offerings.

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