The Humor Code – ImageThink Joins the Gotham City Take Over!


Recently in New York City, ImageThink was thrilled to join The Humor Code , written by Professor Peter McGraw and writer Joel Warner, for their big Gotham City launch! Featuring improv by the hilariously brilliant Upright Citizens Brigade and standup by Sarah KennedyOphira Eisenberg, and MYQ Kaplan, it was an amazing night of creativity and comedy – concluding with a clever science vs. comedy panel.

Heather Willems, co-founder and Graphic Recorder of Image Think, pulled out all the stops in rapidly visually translating the panelists quick-witted ideas into real-time graphics. Check out her work for more hilarious insights and key ideas from the conversation.

How important is humor? Psychology Today recently covered The Humor Code’s findings about the significance humor has in global culture, mating rituals, and further outlined the large amount of sexism women are still fighting in the industry. Their findings? Women, just as men, are equally as engaged and enthusiastic about comedy:

As Martin pointed out, in nearly all quantitative tests, from comedy-appreciation surveys to joke-telling contests to self-report questionnaires to observational experiments that measure humorous qualities in everyday life, men and women have been found to be far more alike than different in how they perceive, enjoy and create humor.

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Interested in learning more about The Humor Code and the global search for what makes things funny? Visit their website or get involved via the official Facebook page

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