Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Jared Polin

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Jared Polin’s marketing and creative insights, captured in our sketchnotes.

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Searching for actionable marketing insights, and a great listen? Look no further than the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast, hosted by Jason Miller of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. The bi-monthly podcast explores successful marketing practices with some of the brightest minds in contemporary marketing.  

Impact with images

As firm believers in the power of visual marketing, we are partnering with LinkedIn to visualize the key concepts from each episode of Season 6. Together we know the value in creating evergreen summaries to memorialize the key take aways from Jason’s conversations with marketing giants. Sketchnotes capture and synthesize the biggest ideas from the show in visual form–so you can see them at a glance.  

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Key insights from the man behind FroKnows Photography: Jared Polin

Jared Polin knows photography. His website, FroKnowsPhoto, is the go-to place for anyone looking to up their photography game. Polin’s technical know-how and experience make him a great photographer, but it’s his ability to translate photography jargon into clear, everyday language that has made him a great resource to amateur and experienced photographers alike. In this episode of The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast, Polin talks about the value of visual storytelling, finding the courage to put your vision out in the world, and what it takes to get the perfect shot. 

Listen to the Full Episode Here.

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