ImageThink at OTA ’14

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This past month at ImageThink, we were thrilled to join OTA – Pollen at the official OTA ’14 conference. OTA, a collaborative of creative catalysts and community change makers, actively connect and support the creative capital within South Dakota, North Dakota & Minnesota.

Since 2009, OTA has offered extraordinary experiences that educate, empower, and serve as launchpads for community-builders to improve the lives of all peoples living in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

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We were thrilled during OTA ’14, to graphic record the insights and innovative discussions that arose from the presentations. Featuring an amazing and inspiring line-up of speakers, such as Charity: water’s CEO, Scott Harrison, N/A is Good’s Nathaniel Schachter, and artist, Kate Bingaman Burt, OTA provided an enriching and exciting day.

Charity: water is a globally focused company whose mission is to bring clean drinking water the world over. Check out ImageThink scribe and co-founder, Heather Willem’s, graphic recording of the key ideas below:


N/A is Good, a new kind of marketing agency with a singular goal – to connect people and brands, spoke about their mission and the importance of advocating for social good and truth. Nathaniel Schacter describes N/A’s mission below:

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Creative powerhouse and artist, Kate Bingaman Burt, shared her insights on the making process. As fellow makers, we loved her sage piece of advice: Just keep making! Graphic Recorder, Sunni Brown, lays out all the juicy points below:

06_OTA_ImageThink_Bingaman-Burt copy

With a jam-packed roster of creative speakers and a live special performance by musical guest, Brule, OTA presented a plethora of insights to facilitate continued conversation of promoting social good in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and beyond! Interested in getting involved yourself? Want to see more images from the event? Visit OTA’s Facebook page for highlights.

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