Get Visual With Your Team! Graphic Facilitation Workshops and ImageDrink

participants at imagethink workshop learn visual thinking skills
Workshop participants gain the visual thinking skillsets to map ideas, boost engagement, and facilitate meaningful conversation.

Outside The Box Results Require A Creative Approach; Graphic Facilitation Workshops Can Help

The best leaders recognize that creativity is a crucial asset for productivity and long term success. If you’re reading this, then you probably do, too.

While business “smarts” and creative practices are often painted as being at odds, at ImageThink we believe that they go hand in hand. Visual thinking, visual recording, and graphic facilitation has the power to improve brainstorms, clarify action items, and boost collaboration–all with a marker and white board. But don’t take our word for it; through graphic facilitation workshops, we’ve partnered with clients like Google and IBM to give leaders and decision makers team meeting ideas and visual tools to help their teams get on the same page with clear aims, roles and commitments.

Ready to learn how our graphic facilitation workshops can help your team unlock their creative and collaborative potential?

imagethink workshops teach participants graphic facilitation
Learn to visualize your team’s big ideas, and use images to create alignment and buy-in.

Find Alignment, Clarify Connections

Whether you work in a company that spans the globe, or a 800 square foot open floor plan, communication is critical. Yet, without consistent effort, silos are inevitable. Folks get caught up in their individual tasks, and the connections between everyone’s work–even when roles are overlap–can be forgotten. That’s no good for morale, or for productivity.

Our graphic facilitation course teaches you how to use pictures to succinctly communicate complex concepts, and to apply those to a number of business applications and team building activities. Drawing up timelines and workflows allows your team to see where each person fits in, and how each role supports and depends on the others. Connections between seemingly disparate processes become clear, and you might even find places to streamline your office workflow.

imagethink, cannes lions health, graphic facilitation, workshop
Our Visual Thinking in Healthcare workshop, at Cannes Lions Health, taught people from around the globe how simple visuals could ignite brainstorms and unveil new ideas.

Set Your Brainstorms On Fire

Whether you’re developing a new service or working out the kinks in one you already have, finding new perspectives to old problems can be tough. Maybe you and your teammates can’t come up with anything. Maybe the ideas that do come to mind seem so outlandish that they’re not useful. Or maybe your team is bursting to the seams with innovative ideas–but no one can figure out a way to connect them in a meaningful way.

That’s why we teach teams to use mind-mapping and graphic facilitation to visualize big ideas, and the supporting ones that branch out of them. The act of simply drawing out conversation will spark new ideas, while clustering like-thoughts together in real time helps to find connections that weren’t initially apparent.

Even better? We don’t just teach your team to draw; we teach it how to listen differently and structure conversations. That means more empathy, more collaboration, and more efficient use of time.

imagedrink imagethink graphic recording games
ImageDrink takes drink and draws to the next level, with interactive drawing games.

Network, Make Friends, and Fire Up Those Creative Impulses

Speaking of creative team meeting ideas, in a more casual setting, we’ve applied our methods to our monthly drink and draw series, ImageDrink. At the surface, it’s a lively night of drawing games over drinks.  But digging a little deeper, it encourages attendees to solve problems and work together using visuals, improv, and your personal vision.

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Want to take a workshop home with you? Whether you’re getting ready for an upcoming workshop or simply want a tool to practice what you’ve learned, Draw Your Big Idea is the perfect take-home toolkit. Co-written by Nora Herting and Heather Willems, has over 100 exercises that will provide out-of-the-box approaches to crystallizing your goals and moving to action. 

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Have We Convinced You?

Join us for our upcoming Visual Leadership workshop, September 14-16th, in beautiful Cape Cod. Attendees will gain experience in graphic recording and valuable graphic facilitation skills to move their team towards alignment and productivity. Never drawn before? No worries! This is the perfect introduction to the power of simple visuals. Register today!

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