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Learn to use our creative techniques in your own business. 

Our customized graphic recording training workshops will help your team develop and express ideas with more clarity and impact. Our co-founders Nora Herting has over twenty years’ experience in graphic facilitation training, design thinking, creativity training, and education. They’ve developed hands-on, practical graphic recording training to infuse creativity into your business. In an ImageThink graphic recording training workshop, your team will learn visual techniques that help them think in pictures, feel more confident, and work more collaboratively.

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Change the way you work together. Visuals get everyone on the same page.

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Share your vision and make an impact. Learn how to frame your message in pictures to gain more buy-in and alignment with teams.

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Learn simple and powerful ways to shift your thinking and the way you approach your work.

Take your office from inactive to interactive

Get your people out of their heads–and drawing on the walls. Our graphic facilitation workshops introduce simple visuals as a tool to break the bonds of conventional thinking.
Participants in graphic facilitation training work to develop visual skills and test drive their applications. The engaging, hands-on exercises will give your team the confidence to infuse creativity into group projects, brainstorming sessions, and facilitated meetings. You’ll leave empowered with techniques for getting ideas out and work accomplished.  Take what you learned and apply it in your work, communication, and leadership.

Graphic recording training helps your team find their voices

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As leaders in the graphic facilitation field, ImageThink has supported over 300 sessions per year, meaning we’ve logged tens of thousands of hours over the seven years we’ve been in business. Featured in TED Talks, on the Today Show, and in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, our team has visualized the big ideas of some of the most influential companies and thought leaders in thirteen countries on four continents.

Expect more creative leaders and increased productivity

Graphic recording training can enhance your team’s overall efficiency. As they learn to tell powerful stories, facilitate collaboration, and manage team dynamics, they’ll become more confident and organized.

–  Facilitators will learn to listen differently and structure conversations to get the most out of team meetings.
–  Leaders will become more confident sharing their vision and maintaining direction using visual storytelling.
–  Project managers will learn strategies to manage team dynamics and communicate processes with visuals.

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"Based on this experience, I would give the highest recommendation possible for anyone to spend an afternoon with ImageThink to learn about how each of us is truly, deeply, already a visual thinker."

Jean Tabaka Agile Fellow, Rally Software

"The whole staff really loved the training. The were all delighted to learn new tools they can use in the classroom and the team loved the time together."

Ailun Ku Opportunity Network

Customized training to tailored to your learning objectives 

Our partnership starts with an in-depth discussion of your team’s talents, challenges and aspirations–so your graphic facilitation workshop is as unique as your work. We’ll design a 1-3 day workshop with hands-on exercises customized for your needs.

Are you in a time crunch? How about a shorter format? Our founders lead an hour-long creative workshop about using visuals to help your business innovate and thrive

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The Graphic Recording team is here to help you

Our experience, your genius

Our team brings 30 years of combined experience to your event. Since 2009, we’ve worked with 30% of the Fortune 50 companies, and captured ideas from thought leaders at the world’s most influential conferences.

We draw on our wide range of experience in education, art, psychology, business strategy, and project management to customize your experience and help you reach your goals. When providing graphic facilitation training, we pride ourselves on being the team who already speaks your language .

Learn our 5 secrets to move people from apathy to action

We don’t just record conversations, we start them

Looking to make your brainstorming session more productive? ImageThink founders, Nora Herting shares her insights with INC Magazine.
Embrace non-linear thinking to reach your goals. Co-Founder discusses the power of thinking differently in the Amex Open Forum.
Founders Nora shares her 7 secrets for breaking through a creative wall and infusing more creativity in your day.

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The Draw Your Big Idea book is based on our graphic facilitation training experience.

Draw your big idea

Inspired by ImageThink's transformational work with clients in graphic recording training, Draw Your Big Idea features 100-plus visual exercises.

Gain insights into what drives and inspires you, find your personal strengths, discover new resources and problem solve all by picking up a pen and getting visual.

Draw Your Big Idea is a great introduction to visual thinking or natural way to build and apply concepts from an ImageThink graphic recording workshop. Get your copy now.

From the initial consultation to the day of your graphic facilitation workshop, our account managers offer full support so you can focus on the experience.

Your IT experience includes:

– Agenda and planning consultation
– Customized exercises
– On-site facilitator
– Digital notes and recap

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We’ve Pictured Big Ideas for...

  • Chronicle Books
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Columbia University

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