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Tell A Visual Story

Share your idea with the world as a visual story with ImageThink.

Our hand-drawn infographics, time – lapse, animated videos, and journey maps will communicate your message and engage your audience.

How? Images speak louder than words. They also help us think – and we’re three times more likely to share them than dry data or hard – to – digest text.

The result? Employees, customers and other stakeholders instantly get where you’re coming from – and are inspired to get behind it. Training materials, educational programs and company initiatives take on meaning through visual facilitation, and your story finds huge momentum.

How Ideas Come Alive

  • Hand-Drawn Infographics
  • Mission and Vision Boards
  • Story Boards
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Time Lapse Videos
  • Journey Maps
  • Visual Facilitation
  • Visual Recording
  • Visual Storytelling


  • "We used it as a way to talk about those key concepts, using the road as an analogy. People were taking pictures of it. One attendee even told me he's already made it his screensaver!"

    Jacqueline Meyer

    Divisional VP, Global People & Organizational Development, Coach

  • "ImageThink's valye was a dynamic feeling that the discussion was 'coming to life' — reinforcing the vitality of the ideas and people in the room."

    Dan Chichester Chief Creative Officer at LLNS

    Chief Creative Officer, LLNS

We've Worked With

  • Columbia University
  • Google