How to Draw a Tulip in 5 Easy Steps

May 6, 2014

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5EasySteps_Tulip Did you know? 1. The father of the Dutch obsession with tulips was botanist Carolus Clusius — he’s said to have popularized the flowers there. He was also the first to identify “broken tulips” — a viral infection that caused beautiful streaking in the petals of the flowers. 2. The demand for tulips set off “tulip mania” in the Netherlands around 1637, and prices for some varieties soared. The tulip depicted to the right — the “Semper Augustus” — was said to be the most expensive tulip during this period. The situation has been regarded as one of the first economic bubbles. 3.  Tulip cultivation originated in Central Asia a thousand years ago and was brought east by the Turks. The tulip is still a symbol associated with Turkey! To learn more about ImageThink’s capabilities in illustration and graphic recording, visit our Services page for more information. And for more 5 Easy Steps drawings, check out our blog for past entries!