Using Illustration to Engage at the PENCIL Gala

How ImageThink supported an education non-profit at their annual gala, with striking, beautiful, large-scale illustrations.

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Reflect phase

Illustrating the Intersection of Education and Commerce

Like many non-profits, PENCIL relies on its annual gala to secure financial support to fund their mission: improving New York City schools through business partnerships.

Every fall, PENCIL gathers its most committed supporters to share its story, celebrate their community, and inspire donor support for the coming year. They turned to ImageThink to spread their message and elevate their audience’s experience in a fresh new way.

Turning Words into Pictures

Collaborating closely with the PENCIL team, ImageThink solicited interviews from donors, students, and volunteers demonstrating the value and emotional impact of the work they do every day. The ImageThink team transformed these stories into captivating visual biographies which helped to set an emotional backdrop for the evening.

Table-top center pieces featured the illustrated stories of donors and provided a focal point of dinner discussion. Social Listening Murals and ImageBoard Towers turned décor into an opportunity to engage, visibly, with PENCIL’s history at large scale.

ImageThink ImageTowers displaying organizational history and success stories at the PENCIL Gala.

Extending the Life of the Event

PENCIL felt the impact of ImageThink’s visual storytelling long after the gala came to an end. Digitized infographics spread the message of PENCIL’s mission on social media. Donors took home their Illustrated biographies, memorializing both the evening, and their personal contribution to the PENCIL organization. The physical murals ImageThink created live at the event now adorn the walls of PENCIL’s office, proudly telling their story to anyone who walks through the door.

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