Women who redraw the rules!

ImageThink co founder Nora Herting graphic recording at SXSWi 2015.

Our Co-Founder, Nora Herting’s Highlights From Top Women Speakers.

Did you know that more than 11.6 million firms are owned by women, generating about $1.7 trillion in sales as of 2017? That’s quite an exciting number to see grow as more and more women access leading positions in the workforce. As a woman and business owner, I continue to be inspired by the female leaders, founders, and authors that for whom I’ve had the privilege of graphic recording. From their entrepreneurial insights to their presence as speakers, I credit them with helping me to grow ImageThink into the creative solutions leader that it is.

Here are some highlights of a few and my takeaways from each speaking engagement:

Dr. Condolezza Rice

In 2014, former secretary of state Condolezza Rice discussed the immense influence that new technologies can hold in our world. With smart phones and social media lending voices to a wider population, we have a new responsibility to become actively engaged in our democracy.

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Kim Scott

As an entrepreneur and business leader, Kim Scott’s keynote on radical candor was especially resonant with my own experiences. Scott advocates for direct, honest, and respectful conversation both in personal and professional dialogues. Learning how to take feedback is as crucial as learning how to give it, and is essential for a healthy workplace culture.

Kerry Washington

At the 2018 Fast Company Festival, actress and activist Kerry Washington described the impact her mother had on her life outlook. The first of her siblings to graduate college, Kerry Washington’s mother, Dr. Valerie Washington went on to gain a doctorate in early childhood education. And though she confessed to great fear of public speaking, Dr. Washington lectured to crowded halls of students at Lehman College. Courage and creative growth isn’t about lack of fear—it’s about feeling that fear and showing up despite it. It’s this philosophy that has informed Kerry Washington’s own approach in her acting, directing, and activism.

A big thank you to these women who continue to inspire!
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