How to Use ‘ImageThinking’ to Communicate on Social Media

Stay Top of Mind with Images

At ImageThink we are all about the visuals. The work that we do revolves around the fact that most people only remember 10% of the information that they hear. However, when presented with visual information, that retention jumps up to 65%. That’s why ‘ImageThinking’ is so powerful.

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Visuals can cut through the noise to bring viewers to your content, like a podcast.

When sharing information on social media, utilizing the power of visuals is key to getting your message read and remembered. Studies show that people pay more attention to visuals that communicate information than any other kind. In fact, on average people spend more time looking at those images than they do reading the text of the story!

That’s where ImageThink can step in to step up your social media game.

Our team pictures your big ideas in beautiful, succinct ImageBoards. We break down complex ideas and use visual metaphors to describe and communicate them. This tactic is especially effective on social media, where you only hold your audience’s attention for a matter of seconds. It’s crucial to take advantage of that time to hold your target audience’s attention on your post. Using visual metaphor to communicate your image is the most efficient and effective way to do it! An added bonus is that infographics get three times more engagement on social media than other any other type of content.

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Infographics and visual content can amplify the content at your event, like it did at Netroots Nation

The ImageBoards that are created by our team, onsite, have all the collateral you need to spread your message on social media – if you know how to use them. We can use them to isolate messages and visuals that you would like to share and deliver social media-ready images!

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We can take your abundance of insights from your event and create succinct, sharable summaries.

A session summary ImageBoard can be created to capture the key points from your entire event and that can be catered to your target audience! We can also use those to create time lapse videos that are dynamite for engagement.

Ready to Make Your Content Stick?

Do you want to use visuals, and ImageThinking, to communicate your message and get more engagement? Learn more about our graphic recording services, or contact us to see how we can support your next engagement.

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