Teaming up for TED: Prezi & ImageThink

When our friends at Prezi learned they would be working with inventor Ajit Narayan on his presentation for TEDActive in Palm Springs, we were thrilled they called us up to collaborate!

Ajit Narayan is the mind behind a powerful tool that breaks down language into pictures, and they knew that our visual style was just what Narayan needed to help explain and communicate his big ideas.

Ajit Narayanan is an inventor who has made it his mission to help children with autism learn and communicate through language. The challenge he faced when he set out to do this is that people with autism often find it hard to understand abstraction and symbolism which makes teaching grammatical concepts difficult.

Ajit Narayanan on the stage at TED with ImageThink graphics

Narayanan is not the only person to use images to help these children learn language, but he has been a pioneer in using images to help children understand grammar. He created an app called Free Speech which uses images to “tease out” what a child is trying to say regardless of which part of the sentence they start with. Narayanan was inspired by a mother who, after her child said “eat,” asked a series of leading questions so she could understand what the child wanted. Eat what? Eat now?

Teaming up with Steve Wishman at Prezi and ImageThinkers Heather Willems and Virginia Montgomery, Ajit Narayanan was able to put together a powerful visual narrative to support his talk. The Prezi walked the audience step by step through Narayanan’s thought process, adding both a visual layer of information and using Prezi’s unique interface to knit all the elements together.

Click the here to watch the full video of Narayanan’s fascinating talk with illustrations by ImageThink and animation by Prezi at TED.

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