SXSWi Speaker Spotlight: Stephen Wolfram

Who isn’t amazed by theoretical physics? And the complexities and capabilities of language?

As Graphic Recorders, we are fascinated by spoken words. Our practice mandates careful listening as we translate fluid speech into clear, visual narratives.


That’s why coming up at SXSWi, we are greatly anticipating scientist Stephen Wolfram’s presentation on digital languages, “Injecting Computation Everywhere.” Wolfham, known for his work in theoretical physics, a chief designer of the Mathematica software application and creating the Wolfram Alpha answer engine, CEO of Wolfram Research, and noted author of A New Kind of Science, will be presenting on the future of the digital linguistic landscape.

Imagine a future computers are operated by programming languages that work like human language, where knowledge and data are built in,  and everything obvious is automated.  A future where billions of interconnected devices and ubiquitous networks can be readily harnessed.

Sunday, March 9th from 
12:30PM – 1:30PM at SXSWi in the Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 5, Stephen Wolfham will discuss the profound implications of this new future on product development and demonstrate new technology that will soon be part of our present.

And we’ll be there again too as Team ImageThink captures and translates Wolfham’s auditory presentation into rich, visual notes. Look out for as Graphic Recording at the main stage at the Austin Convention Center!


Interested in learning Graphic Recording yourself? At SXSWi, ImageThink will also be hosting and teaching a hands-on workshop, Fear No Marker, Monday, March 10th – sign up here to reserve your spot!

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