SXSWi 2015 Day 4 Recap

ImageThink is happy to be back for our 6th year at SXSW Interactive graphic recording for the keynote and featured speakers. SXSWi hosts an incredible variety of speakers, each with their own intriguing points of view. You can download the pdf of the digital editions here on Slideshare

 On March 16th, Logan Green and Doug MacMillan gave the keynote address on Fixing Transportation with Humanity and Technology. Stephen Wolfram gave us his insights on the frontiers of computational thinking and Eva Chen and Michelle Phan discussed how to keep your social media presence sincere!
Jonah Peretti gave us his Lessons from Buzzfeed and Maxine Williams and Van Jones had a candid conversation about the movement to diversify tech, as well as what leaders in the tech industry can do to promote it.
Below is the full list of Tuesday’s talks: 3/17/15 
  •  Jeremy Gutsche: Better and Faster; Predict Opportunity and & Win in 2015
  • Jesse Jackson: Innovating Diversity and Inclusion in Tech
  • Julia Boorstin, Pete Cashmore: Media, Tech, and What’s Next?
  • J.M. Berger, Jonathon Morgan: The ISIS Twitter Census
  • Brian Solis, Russell Brand: Russell Brand’s Revolution Will Be Televised
  • Astro Teller: Moonshots and Reality
  • Dan Pfeiffer, Dan Rather, Nick Bilton: Breaking the News in the Age of Snapchat
  • Bill Binney: The State of Surveillance
  • Zing Tsjeng: Dazed x Diesel: Insta-Identities & Crowdsourcing
  • Bruce Sterling: Bruce Sterling Closing Talk

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