Heather’s Highlights from SXSWi

I can’t believe that a week has past since the excitement in Austin, TX! After graphic recording for long hours with an amazing team of 7, Nora and I enjoyed not only the abundance of Text-mex, but were also were thrilled finally relax and hear new bands and visit some old favorites!

For those of you who weren’t able to make it out to SXSWi you can view all of the panels we graphic facilitated as part of Ogilvynotes here.

Left Brain Search = Google. Right Brain Search = X Nikhil Daftary, Moodfish

The over arching theme that I hear was about how social media the way to BE! Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook are embedded in our everyday life and the key to business success is AUTHENTICITY. Express yourself honestly, be kind to others, share graciously, and be yourself. In the panel, Left Brain Search = Google. Right Brain Search = X, Nikhil Daftary from Moodfish lead a panel discussion on the idea of mood-based searches. “By focusing on searching by how we naturally think, talk and feel about the matter at hand, we can begin to find information that’s relevant to us both logically and emotionally.” The discussion focused on how pairing our moods with entertainment might be next big technology breakthrough in the search industry.

I want to draw attention to the lap-scribing created by the team. Many of the panels were spread throughout several campuses which provided us with the opportunity to capture speakers’ content with a variety of methods. Seated at the front of the room, verses standing at a board, we took out our sketch-book. Like graphic recording, a single page visual summary is created…but on a smaller scale. Content is collected and in exchange for the audience experiencing the creation of the visual metaphor, and participating in the kinetic learning, the graphic recorder is discreetly seated with the audience and has a reveal (usually digital) of the visual notes.

Stephanie von Dressler, captured discussions using the iPad. It has a slightly different look and feel with the added benefit of instant digitization. This makes it incredibly quick and easy to upload to blogs, flickr sites, or instantly tweet (which was INCREDIBLY popular at SXSWi) The image below is “Fear and the art of Creation” as presented by Chris Guillebeau and Johnathan Fields.  Briefly summarize to say that without risk there is no creativity, so work it into your daily practice as an artist does!

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