SXSW 2013 Visual Notes!

This year down in Austin, TX we joined efforts with SXSW themselves to draw attention to both the content of the keynote speakers and the community of folks taking the sketchnotes!

Whether you’re attending the festival or streaming talks at home, you can appreciate the visual note folks have been taking at the conference.

We have highlighted some of our favorites from the community below but don’t forget to check out the ALL the SXnotes @ SXSW 2013 on Pintrest and Flickr. After reading this blog, if you feel so inspired, add your own! #sxnotes

Source: via ImageThink on Pinterest

In her talk, “11 Rules I Live By,” Tina Roth EisenBerg wonderfully reminds us to “invest our life what we love” and to “step away from ego and collaborate whenever possible.” Print this and post it on your mirror, it is full of gems and daily affirmations!  @swissmiss (sketchnotes by Rich Wells)

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“Tales of US Entrepreneurship Beyond Silicon Valley” was Alexis Ohanian talk this year, making points like, “Legislators cannot predict the next big thing, the next big innovation. The free Internet enables awesome people to be awesome” and questions like, “If I can know what Kim Kardashian is having for breakfast, shouldn’t I have access to what my elected officials are doing?” With thoughts like theres, we know that we can’t wait to read his new book, WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. (sketchnotes by Gerren Lamson)

Source: via ImageThink on Pinterest

Source: via ImageThink on Pinterest

If MakerBot empowers making, then Bre Pettis inspires dreaming! Makerbot’s CEO kicked off the opening remarks for #SXSWInteractive 2013 with “Making Creative Navigators.” He told history of MakerBot, where it is today, and where it will be tomorrow! (sketchnotes by soupiset)

Stay tuned for more highlights!


As this blog wraps up, there is a question that must be asked: A side from being wonderfully creative, inspirational, and facilitators of change, what do Bre Pettis, Tina Roth Eisenberg, and Alexis Ohanian all have in common?

Give up? They all live in Brooklyn, NY! Whether it was a co-incidence or the subconscious working in overdrive, it is nice seeing all these Brooklynites in one SXSW venue. Additionally, as a Brooklyn based firm, it is nice to know that our neighbors are so empowering!

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