Visualize and Share Your Insights

You know it. We help you show it.

Capture and communicate your most valuable insights with beautiful and informative hand-drawn visual support. ImageThink may be best known for its on-site graphic recording and facilitation work, but our full-time studio helps bring the human touch of hand-drawn illustrations to your content.

ImageThink infographic with illustrations and notes instructing "How to be an Influencer"


Conveying complex information, insights, and datasets visually is the cornerstone of what ImageThink does. Work with our in-studio team to create illustrated, informative, instantly readable infographics that share your experience and knowledge with the world!

an imagethink graphic recorder uses the procreate app on an ipad to create a sketchnote

Dedicated Partners

Graphic recording is an art. It’s interpretive. And it’s LIVE. That’s part of what makes it so powerful, but it also means that content is limited to what gets captured in the room. ImageThink’s studio work allows you to partner with our team of illustrators to craft the perfect message, sweat the details, and create powerful, evergreen content.

Excerpt from ImageThink animation in support of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

Animated and Illustrated

Whether it’s creating an explainer video to help launch a new product, a year-in-review video to share with your Board and stakeholders, or animate an existing ImageBoard, the ImageThink studio team can help you create a bright, clear, and engaging explainer for your best ideas and insights.

See it in Action

Create animated explainer videos, like this one ImageThink hand-illustrated for the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime.


  • Create Infographics that can internally or externally share what you know
  • Visualize customer, client, or patient journey maps to guide decision-making
  • Build departmental and organizational charts, clarifying structure and goals
  • Develop clear, vibrant, reusable marketing and social media content
  • Produce powerful and dynamic brand or product explainer videos
  • Animate an existing ImageBoards, or create a time-lapse of their creation


  • Google
  • Ogilvy
  • Pencil
  • Toyota

Frequently Asked Questions

What is visual storytelling?

Visual storytelling, as the name suggests, is the practice of conveying information or narrative using pictures and words. In our work, ImageThink graphic recorders use visual mnemonic devises, colorful characters, and hierarchical text to make sure your big ideas are memorialized in a beautiful, shareable fashion.

How can you use visual recording to market your brand?

By illustrating your insights and areas of expertise, ImageThink’s team of graphic recorders can provide you with internal and external marketing collateral. The assets we create can be printed to physical media, shared digitally, or animated. Any way you want to share your ideas, we can help!

What are some advantages of creative content notes, time lapse video, animated video, and hand-drawn infographics?

65% percent of the population are visual learners, and the human brain processes images faster than text or audio inputs. ImageThink’s notes, time lapse videos, and animations leverage this biological fact to help make your message more memorable and engaging.

How much does it cost?

At ImageThink, we price our graphic recording services according to the nature of your engagement – whether it’s an internal meeting or public conference, for example – and how much support you need. Staffing, time, and materials are all factors in our rate card. Get in touch to discuss how we can help bring your biggest ideas to the surface and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.