Robert Kirkman: Creator Activism


At SXSW Interactive, ImageThink created a visual summary of a very entertaining and insightful take from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Brian Crecente about creator activism.

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Robert Kirkman is a fan of comics and TV; he cares desperately about making those industries better. He’s a partner at Image comics, a major comic company that was founded on the principle of creator owned projects, and is publishing many cutting edge stories that are previously unseen in the mainstream comic industry.

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Robert shared his experience of breaking into the comics industry. In addition to using any means necessary, he stressed the importance of quality. “Put your best work into your creation” – he made his comic the best comic it could be, not assuming it would be turned into a TV show someday. Even though the Walking Dead show on AMC is a huge success, he still puts out the highest quality comic possible.

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In the age of “content creation” being used as an umbrella term for artists, writers and animators to contribute their art for commercial use almost anonymously, it was refreshing and delightful to hear a industry leader advocating for creator activism. “Defend your creations”, “have value in yourself”, and “keep your creation’s best interests in your heart”.

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