Resources for Thinking, Working, and Communicating Visually

When we lead workshops on Graphic Facilitation (like the one we held this weekend the NY Peace Institute in Brooklyn) we like to share much of the information that WE learned from our peers and those that came before us.  

Below is a list of resources we would like to share with our participants.

We know that many of you have links and books that you refer to for increasing your team’s collaboration. Please feel free to leave a link in the comments box to share with others!


Back of the Napkin, Dan Roam

Game Storming, Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo

Visual Thinking, David Sibbet

Business Model Generation, Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud

Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain, Betty Edwards

Online Learning:

AlphaChimp University



Neuland Markers

Copic Markers


Doodling for Dollars: Wall Street Journal Graphic Recording vs. Facilitation for Graphic Facilitation: a comprehensive blog on the industry

Globaloria students have been boldly demonstrating how art and design and creative cognition can re-ignite STEM learning

People who Doodle Learn Faster

See What I Mean: The Power of Visual Learning

The Miseducation of the Doodle

The Power of Doodling: How Doodles Can Lead to Great Ideas

The Power of the Doodle

Sketchnotes 101: The Basics of Visual Note-Taking

Why Integrating Art into the Classroom May Improve Content Retention

Working Paper: Creativity Models
(Thank you to AlphaChimp University for compling many of the links in the “Articles” section!)

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