Re-imagining Foreign Policy with the New Yorker

“Reimagining Foreign Policy”

This week, ImageThink was a featured partner at the New Yorker Magazine’s Big Story event which explored modern American foreign policy, capturing the discussion between Susan E. Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan E. Rice and David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker, and staff writer, Philip Gourevitch. The panelists focused on the present Administration’s handling of current events in Syria, Iran, politics in Africa, Israel, and Latin America.

ImageThink’s rich rendering of the conversation shows how the discussion moved rapidly across the complex relationships the United States has with the foreign community, and how each situation is unique.

The discussion touched on Syria, and how the United States has thus far provided $385 million in aid to further the goals of the opposition. It covered Iran, where the current administration has been applying pressure in the region to promote change. The evening’s conversation briefly touched on U.S. relationd with Israel and Latin America, as well.

With such a varied ranges of foreign policy issues presently being tackled by the Obama administration, ultimately, as Susan E. Rice expressed to the audience “our U.S. defenses are connected to our values and encourage democracy.” The United States is active in promoting democracy abroad through it foreign policy practices.

From the Big Story event’s rich, complex and globally-minded discussion, ImageThink scribe, Virginia Montgomery, created a visualization of the key issues facing America’s foreign policy.

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