Inspiration: Innovative Architecture


At ImageThink, we loving pulling creative graphic recording inspiration from unexpected places. That’s why we recently were tickled to see innovative architects propose a creative architectural solution to incorporating greenspace with vertical space!

Companies like Unusualgreen plant over 1,400 square meters of vegetation at a time to build a hydroponic vertical gardens. Native grasses, herbs and flowers can be chosen to cloak structures. This eco-friendly cladding increases the insulation of the building by 270%. This green architecture contributes to massive energy savings, fosters an environmentally conscious spirit, and helps in regulating indoor atmospheres as well.


Another example of innovation in Architectural practices? AIA. Last year, ImageThink was honored to join the American Institute of Architects (AIA) at their Disaster Response Initiative town hall meeting in the Rockaways.

Working with members from the Rockaways community, AIA assembled a team of disaster relief and response specialists to listen to the community. The AIA’s objective was to gain insight for making recommendations to the Rockways community. The conversation of rebuilding the Rockaways post-Hurricane Sandy focused on local commercial revitalization, encouraging tourism, architectural innovation, and building new community assets.


ImageThink created a live graphic recording of the community’s inputs as the AIA team facilitated the discussion. ImageThink was able to graphically show both the community’s collective areas of passion and areas of community concern. This allowed the AIA team to better navigate the process of recommending a successful recovery plan. (To view the graphic recording ImageThink created for AIA Responds in the Rockaways, Queens, NY, please click here to visit our gallery.)

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