ImageThink Highlights the Best Conference Talks of SXSW 2012

Scribing 2012 SXSW-Nora-10

After visualizing 47 keynote and featured speaker presentations for audiences of 3,000 and more attendees at last week’s SXSW Interactive, ImageThink is happy to be back to quiet of NYC. Before we packed up our markers and headed to hear some music, we made one last visual summary.

This one was special. Rather than create a visual summary of each presenter, we created a visual summary of all the ideas that emerged over the course of the 5 days of the technology festival.  What emerged? Click on image to take a closer look, or on links below for individual talks.
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Ray Kurzweil and Amber Case‘s keynotes both addressed cyborgs and singularity. Al Gore, Sean Parker, and Jennifer Pahlka and Biz Stone all spoke of social media as a powerful, and underused platform for democracy. Stephen Wolfram spoke about computational power and Jaron Lanier warned about automation’s impact on employment and labor.

So, if SXSW 2010 was all about geotagging, and 2011 was about gamification, we could say that this year was concerned with Moore’s law and its promise of cyborgs, singularity, and cloud computing. Interested in seeing the graphic recordings for all the sessions?

You can view them as a Flickr set or at

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