ImageThink Sketches 99%

This week we were invited by OgilvyNotes and Behance to create sketchnotes at Behance’s The 99% Conference in New York. Sketchnotes, uses the same real-time skill of listening, synthesizing, and visualizing as graphic recording. The difference is that, with Sketchnotes, this process happens in a sketchbook rather than on a large scale where the audience experiences the process live.  In both cases, the results live on digitally.

The 99% Conference opened with Simon Senick’s talk. His message of having a generous spirit, reminded me of my favorite SXSWi speaker, Gary V’s talk on the Thank You Economy(see my visual of Gary’s talk). Senick stressed that human’s innate drive to social is actually a survival method. So, be social, connect with others, your life might just depend on it!

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Tony Schwartz’s message was about respecting the finite capacity of time. He encouraged the audience to respect and cultivate their only renewable resource; energy. Tony provided some practical tips on how to rejuvenate ourselves, including getting 8 hours of sleep a night.

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Patrician McCarthy’s talk had me looking strangely at everyone during the networking brake. She claims that our facial characteristics reveal our personalities, and even our health issues. I think everyone was trying their hand at Mien Shiang, after the talk, as we all scrutinized each other’s face shapes over cocktails.

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I couldn’t wait to get back to the ImageThink studio and start implementing the tips Scott Belsky shared in his master class about effectively run creative organizations. His equation for the “Creative Compromise” creativity + organization = Impact rang true. I think a visual of that might just make it onto the studio wall.

The first day was full of so many engaging, informative speakers, I can’t wait to picture what tomorrow’s lineup will bring. Check back to see the results from Friday’s session.

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