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ImageThink graphic recording, live illustration done for Momentous Institute Changing the Odds conference. "Stress, Love, & Learning" talk by Louis Cozolino. Communication drawings of people, brainstorming, love, sharing stories. Drawings of Men & Women, robots, technology.

ImageThink supports a lot of education conferences because visuals are so important to teaching & learning. Faculty, administration, alumni, and students have so much passion that you can feel the energy as we create real-time visual recording summaries of the content.

Here are some impactful education conferences and events we have supported

ImageThink graphic recording, live illustration done for South Ward Community school conference. "Panel Discussion" talk by Children's Aid Society, NYU, Parents & teachers. Communication drawings of people, parental involvement, a ribbon, shaking hands, establish a core value, leadership, resource coordinators, a compass showing true north.

South Ward Community Schools Initiative in Newark, New Jersey

The education conference brings together families and community members to become active participants in five Newark schools: Louise A. Spencer, Belmont Runyon, BRICK Avon Academy, BRICK Peshine Academy, and Malcom X Shabbazz.

Hosted at Belmont Runyon elementary, the event boasted a full house of parents, teachers, education experts, and even Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka.

The event, which rolled out the South Ward Community Schools Initiative, put major focus on the great things that happen when parents truly get involved in their children’s school communities. By collaborating with teachers and school officials, and by bringing their unique talents and skill sets to bear, parents can create a school that truly reflects the needs of their children; a pathway can be created for students to succeed and grow intellectually and emotionally; and the True North of student well-being can be followed more fully and holistically. The education conference encouraged families to find ways that they can contribute to their schools and voice the needs of their communities.

ImageThink graphic recording, live illustration done for South Ward Community conference. "Nutrition & Healthy Eating". Communication drawings of food on my plate, apples, beans, eggs, chicken, grains, a knife, blender bananas, veggies, fruit, honey bees, orange juice, milk.

Schools are not just for rote memorization

Mayor Baraka emphasized that it will take hard work, but that when a local community devotes itself to its schools, the community as a whole truly benefits.

ImageThink graphic recording, live illustration done for Blackboard BbWorld16 education conference. "How do you impact the world of the learner?" was asked to attendees on day 1. Their responses are captured in infographics underneath the question. Drawing of a lightbulb, albert einstein, a rocket ship, a book opened, various technology, a computer, ipad, iphone, men & women succeeding, hands & feet reaching. "How do you use data?" was asked on day 2, their responses are illustrated below the question: drawings of a pencil, a brain, metrics, analytics, a calculator, surveys, keeping connected. "What does learning look like in 25 years?" is the third question, their responses are illustrated below: seamless tech integration, more visuals & design, use of data, lightbulbs, innovation.

For BlackBoard, we tapped into the attendees passion & used visual recording to engage them with one of our social listening walls

The beauty of this visual recording display was that it ran over multiple days, so everyone could see a progression of ideas captured from the questions. This hub became a “must experience” destination for the audience. We were very impressed by the level of commitment & concern attendees felt towards the students of the world.

ImageThink graphic recording, live illustration done for Blackboard BbWORLD16 conference. "Developing your crisis communication plan". Communication drawings of crisis, a calendar, plan, target audience, employees, practice your plan, during a crisis, people, after the crisis.

Changing the Odds conference for Momentous Institute

Daniel Pink stressed the need to incorporate certain art skills in education as fundamentals for learning. He said, “Artists give the world something they didn’t know they needed.”

“Back to school” memories from the ImageThink team.

ImageThink graphic recording, simple illustration of a school bus driving to the right w/ ImageThink written on the side


Office manager Chyna Canada recalled, “First year in Middle School I had to take public transportation alone for the first time ever. I was nervous to be taking the bus by myself! To my surprise, 3 of my friends from elementary school were on the same bus!”

ImageThink graphic recording, illustration of smiling mouth with braces on teeth.


Our newest graphic recorder, Lilly Lam, remembered the summer before 6th grade, “I had braces put in and I still recall the giddiness I felt for school to start so I could show them off. I was most excited about the ability to color coordinate the rubber band colors for each holiday.”

ImageThink graphic recording, illustration of a boy with James! written over an arrow pointing at the boy, he's ignoring them calling his name with a question mark above his head.


Senior graphic recorder James Lake had an epiphany on his 1st day of Kindergarten, “I had no idea my name was James until my first day of school! They were calling ‘James’ over & over, even though it was accompanied by my last name, I didn’t respond. My family always called me ‘Jim’, I had no idea that was only a nickname until they told me at school. From then on, everyone called me James, which I’m grateful or because I much prefer that name.”

We have some homework for you: Share your back to school story; the anticipation, excitement, & sometimes dread. We want to hear from you.

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