ImageThink Coast To Coast: An Interview With Our San Francisco Scribe

An illustrated bio of ImageThink's creative director.

Graphic Recording From Sea To Shining Sea

At ImageThink, we’ve always been proud of our graphic recorders’ global footprint. In our nearly 10 years of graphic recording, we’ve scribed across industries and around the world. And now, we’re bicoastal! 

While ImageThink HQ is located in bustling Brooklyn, New York, we couldn’t be happier to introduce our West Coast graphic recorder and director of creative services, Alan Quiros. Based in San Francisco, California, Alan brings a wealth of experience and talent in illustration, design, and project management to the events he supports.  

We sat down with Alan over a delicious Mission St. burrito, took in the Dolores Park view, and chatted with Alan about his insights into graphic recording, and the best part of both coasts. 

What was your background before joining ImageThink? 

I was a video game concept artist in San Francisco for a few years. Before that, I spent a few years studying traditional painting in New York, and before that, I was a model maker for every industry except Hollywood. There’s been a sprinkling of floating-furniture building and various design projects throughout!   

Alan (center) and the rest of the ImageThink team compare notes on graphic recording styles.

How have those skills carried over into your new role as graphic recorder and Director of Creative Services at ImageThink? 

Well, I’ve come into contact with a variety of clients in different fields, as well as being exposed to a variety of projects. This has given me insight into anticipating the needs of a client, however different one may be from the next. I’ve also learned how to iterate ideas quickly, to cultivate a collaborative spirit with clients and come up with visual solutions together! 

What’s your favorite part of graphic recording? 

The best part of it for me has been witnessing the dawning of client realization. Often times, a new client may understand the value of graphic recording, but may not necessarily see how it applies to their own situation. As their event continues, they come to understand the powerful value that graphic recording is adding to their event – in real time!  

Not a bad view from the office! Alan recently graphic recorded for a session held at Cavallo Point.

You grew up in the Bay Area, lived in New York for several years, and after moving back to the San Francisco, became our one-man West Coast office. What’s your favorite thing about both coasts?  

Both coasts have cities which are enormously rewarding to walk around in and discover! The East Coast’s weather changes, and its effects on the locals’ culture, style, and cuisine are fun to see. The West Coast, with its calm Pacific, giant redwoods, and fresh farmers’ market offerings are rewarding to experience. I love both summer fog and winter snow in equal measure! 

Sutro Tower in San Francisco.

Where should we go next time we’re in San Francisco? Any favorite restaurants, shops, streets…? 

A perfect introduction to San Franciscan charm would be to find Hyde Street and walk its hilly length. Along the way you’ll pass Swensen’s Ice Cream, an old, local ice cream store, and the top of Lombard Street (best driven at night). Saturday mornings are great at the Ferry Building, where you’ll find an excellent farmers’ market, food trucks, and restaurants aplenty! 

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