ImageThink Brings Sustainability Culture to the Campus

At ImageThink, we offer the power of visuals to help our clients uncover solutions to an array of challenges, from strategy misalignment to important messages that fall flat.

Often, our creative partners need an experience that will help them kickstart a positive and cooperative culture within their organizations.

This was exactly the case for University of Alabama Huntsville. Their goal? To establish a culture of environmental sustainability on campus and to get feedback and ideas from their attendees about how to accomplish that. With our help, they hoped to make some discoveries! 

We recently went to their campus to facilitate and support a world café discussion with their faculty, staff, students, and community members about environmental sustainability.

Finding The Right Approach For The Topic

Our aim was to create a relaxing and conversational environment for the attendees to encourage collaboration and sharing. They were free to discuss and share their ideas without commitment, attachment, or goals. This allowed the stakeholders at UAH to get a lot of information in a short span of time.

Also, not to be underscored, we wanted to make sure that all the attendees were engaged and excited about sustainability. Building on what UAH already knows about their students and faculty, we added a new element to help them move forward and progress toward their goal.

Our World Cafe Experience

We started the day with a temperature check board. When the attendees walked in, they left their names on the board illustrating where they personally stood around sustainability. Everyone was generally invested, so it created a consensus and an emphasized purpose as the world café started.

We posed different questions to the attendees for them to discuss, in groups, at their tables. We challenged them to share their vision of success regarding sustainability, why it’s important to them at UAH, and what they could do immediately to promote this new sustainability culture. Using these questions as prompts, a wide range of thoughts and ideas were exchanged.

The Results

The attendees were very excited to see their ideas coming to life visually. This excitement helped to create a sense of urgency towards environmental sustainability at UAH and kept everyone focused on their common goal.

At the end of the day, a commitment board was signed to make it official: the University of Alabama in Huntsville was committing to a culture of environmental sustainability. Through visual facilitation, we were able to make sustainability an exciting topic at the campus.

Are You Ready To Start A Meaningful Conversation?

Our partners at UAH were able to create an open forum for ideas and discussion with the help of our graphic facilitation support, and we would love to create that experience for you. Check out this overview of our services, or contact one of our account managers here to see how we can meet your organization’s particular needs.

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