ImageThink at EMC World

Nora Herting on EMC TV

Last week in sunny Las Vegas, ImageThink joined forces on stage with the IT thought leaders of EMC to provide graphic recording for EMC World 2013. Hosting 10,000 clients, partners and employees, EMC World is the annual showcase for EMC’s latest software and technology solutions.

We were so flattered at the overwhelming response to our work there. Doug Hanchett of EMC, writing for their blog, interviewed Nora following the creation of one of her visual maps. Nora described the value of having graphic recorders on site to transcribe verbal presentations:

“There are different modalities of learning,” she says. “And people usually have a preference – auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Listening, seeing, or doing. Any time you combine more than one of those modalities, you have better retention.”

Read the complete article, “BluePrints: A Low Tech Tool Dazzles A High Tech Audience,” here.

Thanks to EMC’s visionary staff for making ImageThink a part of this fantastic event!

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