Hand Drawn Infographics

Need help with an important initiative? We will help you clearly communicate your message by creating clear, understandable visuals to support your message.

Industry: HealthCare

Illustration Type: Animated Sketch

Kansas PCMH animated infographic. “The Elephant, The Blind Men, And Kansas PCMH Initiative”

Kansas Patient Centered Medical Home Initiative enlisted ImageThink to to be a key player in their 3 year initiative to improve population health and clinical outcomes. We graphic recorded their summits and also created a consistent branding for all their communication materials.

The coordinator kicked off the 3 year initiative with this Animated Sketch. The goal was to bring together participants, thought leaders, and funding partners to focus on health, not health care, and engage people from all sides of the elephant.

How ImageThink Helped:

  • Listened to client’s story about her content
  • Transformed 10 pages of text into a single image
  • Animated individual points which were revealed, piecing together the complete puzzle
  • Branded initiative by designing a logo, graphic recording, illustrating brochures, and creating animated sketches

Industry: Telecommunications

Illustration Type: Gantt Chart Infographic

Gantt chart transformed into illustration infographic.

Transform your Gantt chart into engaging visuals for clearer understanding

Gantt chart from TeleCo – before ImageThink’s visualization.

  • TeleCo company’s objective was to clearly explain their application services process
  • TeleCo sent us their existing PowerPoint Gantt Chart
  • After phone consultation and iterations, we created an visual version of their gantt chart in the form of an info

Industry: Social Services

Illustration Type: Real-Time

Florida Department of Family and Child Services: Real-Time Illustration created by Andrew Federman for ImageThink

Florida Department of Family and Child Services: Real-Time Illustration

  • Created real-time illustrations that summarized the personal accounts of  investigators at Florida Department of Family and Child Services
  • Practiced flexibility to deliver client’s needs as the scope of the project transformed throughout the session

Industry: Advertising

Illustration Type: Process Map

Strategy and Planning Process Map by ImageThink

Strategy and Planning Process Map Infographic Illustration

  • Strategy team enlisted us to create an engaging fun graphic that outlines their working process
  • We collaborated with client through multiple iterations to create this process map
  • Digital file used as printed material and on client’s website