How to Draw a Jackalope in 5 Easy Steps


Learn how to draw a jackalope with ImageThink’s drawing tutorials.

Did you know?

1. The story of the jackalope was popularized in Wyoming in the 1930s after a local hunter used taxidermy skills to graft deer antlers onto a jackrabbit carcass, selling the creature to a local hotel.

2. “The Jackalope” or “Jack Ching Bada Bing” was a recurring character in a series of sketches on America’s Funniest People.

3. Children’s author Bruce Larkin incorporates jackalopes into many of his books and poetry, and describes himself as “the world’s foremost jackalopoligist”.

4. The Jackalope appears in the Frasier episode “A Czar is Born”, Niles refers to it as “Texas’ answer to the Minotaur.”

Make a jackalope drawing step by step in no time!

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