How to Draw Buster Keaton in 5 Easy Steps

5EasySteps_BusterKeatonAre you a fan of Silent Film-era actor Buster Keaton or his movies? ImageThink will show you how to draw him step by step, and has some Buster Keaton trivia!

Did you know?

1. While filming “The General”, he snapped his neck! He went home, iced his body, and came back to work the next day!

2. One stunt, to fall 100 feet down a waterfall, was tested by a stuntman who broke both his legs and dislocated his shoulder. Buster did the stunt anyway and landed without a scratch!

3. In the film where the house falls on him, he had one take to get it right and a one inch margin of error in his calculations- or he’d be crushed to death!

4. His parents were acrobats, they took baby Buster up high in the air and dropped him! Luckily he was caught… by Harry Houdini!

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