How to Draw a Skateboarder in 5 Easy Steps


It’s easy to draw a picture of a skateboarder and ImageThink will help! Drawing a skateboard starts with the board and the wheels. Also, here’s some skateboarding trivia for you:

Did you know?

1. The history of skateboarding started in California and spread around the world: California was the birthplace of skateboarding culture. It came into existence when the waves were too weak for surfing. In effect, Californians created a surfboard with wheels.

2. In Norway, the ownership, use and sale of skateboards was banned from 1978-1989. A shocking increase in the number of people getting injured while riding a skateboard prompted the government to implement the ban.

3. The United States Marine Corps experimented with the use of off-the-shelf skateboards in the late 1990’s. They used these in urban-combat military maneuver exercises to detect sniper fire and tripwires.

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