How to Draw a Cowboy Boot in 5 Easy Steps


How to Draw a Cowboy Boot in 5 Easy Steps!

Did you know?

1. Cowboy Boots are an icon of Americana! Between 1865 and 1890, every cowboy who drove cattle from Texas to Kansas wore proudly their cowboy boots, which were perfectly suited for horse riding lifestyle. Yet even still today, they remain a practical, attractive, and popular clothing item to wear.

2. As the age of the historical cowboys slowly became to fade, Hollywood took over and popularized them across all four corners of the world. We’re looking to you, John Wayne!

3. While the first cowboy boots were made to protect trail riders from snakes, now cowboy boots are made out of snake skin materials. If the settlers of the old American West could see some of the fancy designs today, they’d shake their head and just continue eating their can of beans.

After you learn how to draw a cowboy boot, learn how drawing is helping shape business decisions around the world by watching the video below!


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