Happy Holidraws! Socially Distanced, Distributed, Asynchronous Holiday Party Ideas.

If you’re like many of our clients, you’re drumming up some great holiday party ideas to recognize the team that helped you weather one of the toughest, most unpredictable, and uncertain years ever.

Over the last five years, and especially since March of this year, ImageThink has invented, optimized, and improved virtual meeting places, creativity sessions, and collaborative conversations.

To add a little all-spice to your virtual winter holiday festivities, the Graphic Recorders at ImageThink have reimagined some of our favorite drawing and teambuilding games for this special time of year. So, whether you’re a friendly Frosty or a scowling Scrooge, these games and holiday party ideas are sure to make everyone’s hearts grow three sizes, and help your team avoid the holiday blues.

Merry and Made-to-Measure Holiday Party Ideas

As with any of our facilitated creativity workshops or drawing game sessions, each Holidraws session is bespoke based on the client’s specific needs. Our number one goal with these holiday party ideas is that people have fun!

Holiday party ideas can include games like "cozy wintertime meal showdown" from ImageThink

To that end, we can schedule our Holidraws activity session for a half-hour, full-hour or more. We can host it for you, or join your platform of choice, and work it into whatever virtual event schedule you think will work best for your community.

Games are snappy, silly, and social, so that no one on the team feels like they’re being forced into having facilitated fun. And no game demands a van Gogh or da Vinci. Not sure your drawing skills have ever exceeded second-grade level? Not a problem; in fact, it’s even better!

Stocking Stuffers

Beyond the core event, ImageThink also has a number of additional gift ideas to make recognizing your colleagues a more colorful and bright experience.

For starters, we have created a series of fun, winter-themed virtual backgrounds that you and your team can use for the holiday gathering, or any year-end meeting for that matter, that help add a little cozy cheer to your regular Wednesday check-in. And of course, we can offer a sizzle reel of your session, which can be shared with attendees, senior leadership, or family members as a fun memento. We’ll include the best moments, a fun holiday backing track, and all of your favorite drawings.

Virtual background for ImageThink holidraws make perfect holiday party ideas

For someone really deserving of extra attention, we can create a one-of-a-kind visual bio, like the ones we have for our team, that honors their personal and professional accomplishments, and really shows just how much the whole team values them as a whole person. Can’t choose who is deserving of such a special gift? What about making an illustrated company timeline, complete with all the milestones your team holds dear.

Finally, our Corporate Listening Mural poses a theme, prompt, or question to the group, and collects answers in the chat during the event. Afterward, ImageThink will take all of the answers from across your company and turn it into a beautiful hand-illustrated mural representing the team’s thoughts and feelings around a central issue, like favorite holiday gifts, dream winter vacations, or ideas for giving back.

Example of an ImageThink illustrated bio

Send Off 2020 with More than Another Virtual Happy Hour

By now, we’re finding our footing in the new virtual environment, and we’ve even gotten more comfortable at socializing via webcam. Still, it is disheartening that it’s not yet safe to bring back the office open bar. But the end of a particularly challenging year deserves something a little more than the regular weekly e-toast.

We have a blast curating workshops and Drawn Together activities for our clients, and we would be honored to help you plan the best celebration in honor of those who deserve it the most, your staff. Schedule a demo with us to talk about your holiday plans.

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