Getting a Jump on Q1 Planning

Let’s Paint a Picture

It’s January 2nd. The holidays came and went, and now the team is back in the office. No one is sure of their priorities this year. Who are they targeting? What is the messaging? What products or solutions are the focus? Which initiatives or projects from last year are they trying to accomplish this year? It’s overwhelming, disorganized, and most likely results in more of the same. (Who said it would be a pretty picture?)

All the questions, ideas, and frustrations that come from the task of Q1 planning.

Leaving gaps in an annual strategy can lead to a rocky start in Q1. That’s why it’s important to start planning in Q4. Championship teams are built in the off-season, beach bodies are honed in the winter, and strong first quarters are made in Q4. It may seem like a daunting task, but a thoughtful, early, and visual approach can make Q1 planning a breeze. With visual support, teams can uncover and accentuate opportunities for the next year and keep them prioritized for successful execution and growth.

The 3 Horsemen of Q1 Planning: Vision, Mission, and Strategy

Prioritizing projects and initiatives for the year ahead is not a one-person task. Gathering insights from team members is vital for identifying areas for improvement and setting goals.

Shared experiences from past work will shed light on processes that need to be changed or identify goals they would like to see the team working toward. When you’re deciding where to go from here, turn to your team. Ask the right questions and utilize their insights to hit the ground running in Q1. Graphic facilitation can guide teams and ignite inspiration. Collaborating visually sparks creativity, elevates voices, and strengthens purpose. Collaborative, visual work creates purpose-driven teams that inhabit the mission and are more excited and passionate about the work moving forward.

With a graphic facilitator from ImageThink, projects and initiatives for Q1 are prioritized and clarified.

The Key to a Strong Start in Q1 is…Alignment

Highly aligned companies grow revenue 58% faster and are 72% more profitable than their misaligned counterparts. Strong strategic alignment is a key differentiator between high-performing and low-performing companies, and it keeps teams competitive in a constantly changing business world. Yet, whether you’re a small business or a large and multinational, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the task.

Team alignment is essential to Q1 planning.

A little visual support can go a long way. In many instances, the visualization of goals can help create a crystal-clear vision. The right meeting and visuals help define action items, set deadlines, and indicate owners of future projects. With a visualized plan, the path forward into the new year is already charted and ready for implementation.

Step into Action

Uncovering your mission and staying aligned are vital for Q1 planning, so what does that look like? Brainstorming sessions and hackathons can yield amazing results, but not without the right agenda. When ideation overruns the agenda, structure, or documentation even the best, most inspiring strategy is doomed.

Our graphic facilitators can not only design and lead a visually powered agenda through workshop exercises, but they can capture insights and timelines. Immediately attendees see their ideas reflected to them, a high-level viewpoint takes shape as you progress.

When it comes to Q1 planning, a visually detailed agenda can map priorities, and hold teams accountable.

Don’t let the rest of this quarter slip by without thinking ahead. Make Q1 planning a part of your agenda this year. Whether you’re brainstorming, delivering a pitch, or developing a strategic plan, ImageThink facilitation helps uncover team potential, visualize a path, and identify tactics and action items for success.

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