Extend Your Event and Maximize Your Sponsors’ ROI with Graphic Recording and Social Listening Murals

UPDATED 6/1/2021

Social Listening Murals across media

Historically, our social listening murals were the bold statement, the focal point of shared public spaces at in-person conference and trade shows. These larger-than-life boards drew crowds and attention in ways that delighted event planners, speakers, sponsors, and attendees alike.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with work moving to remote and hybrid situations, ImageThink had to reinvent the social listening mural to have the same massive impact, on a 12″ laptop monitor. Fortunately, we’ve found ways to feature sponsor branding, captivate virtual and in person attendees, and glean powerful insights for all audience, whether physically present, or watching from afar.

By working digitally, our visual strategists can graphic record answers to a central thematic question on-site, and virtually using a hashtag all in real time. In-person attendees can stand and watch the digital board fill in with illustrated answers as they watch our visual strategist working on a tablet close at hand. Or virtual attendees can pin the board to their viewer and look for their own response to be scribed.

Continue reading to learn how Social Listening Murals increase ROI for everyone at the conference, or read more about virtual sponsorship and social listening here.

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