Extend Your Event and Maximize Your Sponsors’ ROI with Graphic Recording and Social Listening Murals

UPDATED 6/1/2021

Social Listening Murals across media

Historically, our social listening murals were the bold statement, the focal point of shared public spaces at in-person conference and trade shows. These larger-than-life boards drew crowds and attention in ways that delighted event planners, speakers, sponsors, and attendees alike.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with work moving to remote and hybrid situations, ImageThink had to reinvent the social listening mural to have the same massive impact, on a 12″ laptop monitor. Fortunately, we’ve found ways to feature sponsor branding, captivate virtual and in person attendees, and glean powerful insights for all audience, whether physically present, or watching from afar.

By working digitally, our visual strategists can graphic record answers to a central thematic question on-site, and virtually using a hashtag all in real time. In-person attendees can stand and watch the digital board fill in with illustrated answers as they watch our visual strategist working on a tablet close at hand. Or virtual attendees can pin the board to their viewer and look for their own response to be scribed.

Continue reading to learn how Social Listening Murals increase ROI for everyone at the conference, or read more about virtual sponsorship and social listening here.

Going Viral! Attendees Engaging with an ImageThink Board at a Conference

Imagine a sponsorship activation that sticks with attendees for days beyond the end of the conference – one that gets shared out organically on social media and serves as a valued keepsake for conference goers. It’s a win / win / win.

Highly engaged attendees walk away with meaningful content that helps them remember key concepts. Sponsors experience boost in brand relevancy by sponsoring an entire content stream. Conferences see a lift on social, broadcasting the activity outside of the conference center with assets that can be used to promote next year’s enrollment.

Having ImageThink graphically record your event dramatically increases opportunities for this triple win of engagement, connection, and on-site marketing. We create enduring assets that can double the lifecycle of your conference. And all that content can be sponsored.

Evergreen, Shareable ImageBoards Can Be Branded

Sponsored ImageThink Board from Inc. 5000

Again and again, we’ve seen our ImageBoards from general sessions, breakouts, and meetings photographed and shared, organically amplifying and broadcasting our clients’ central themes as evergreen, shareable content. Beyond the obvious value of producing, promoting, and proliferating your event, this social engagement presents a high-value opportunity to your sponsors.

These were the exact results Ogilvy saw when the agency chose ImageThink for its sponsorship effort at SXSW. We visualized 74 keynote sessions, which were produced as posters overnight. Each morning, attendees lined up for these free giveaways. By the end of the event, we had distributed 60,000 prints and received 30,000 visits to the online versions.

People took notice. The activation was covered by CNN, MSNBC, TED Blog, and Huffington Post. The Wall Street Journal named ImageThink’s work as one of the ‘Moments that Stood Out,’ saying “considering the chaos, I found the work of ImageThink to be that much more impressive.”

With all this attention, Ogilvy was awarded an Honorable Mention for PR at Cannes Lions.

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Conversation Connects Conference Attendees

An ImageThink Social Listening Mural at a conference.

One of the biggest benefits in attending conferences is the opportunity to network with one’s fellows in the field, hopefully sharing knowledge that will move the industry forward. When attendees engage with one another and the material, they’re more likely to return, and even better, bring a colleague next year.

ImageBoards are frequently congregation hubs, offering attendees beautiful illustrations, encapsulated information, and a great icebreaker. Whether its bonding over a session they both attended, catching up on sessions they couldn’t fit in, or just marveling at the economy with which visuals convey key concepts, ImageThink outputs encourage attendees to spend more time with your sponsor’s and speakers’ messages.

To take it a step further, the installation of a Social Listening Mural in a highly trafficked area, offers you and your sponsors a chance to directly engage with attendees and feature their thoughts on a central question publicly. As evidenced in this example from our partners at Navis, the presence of a Social Listening Mural can increase foot traffic, as well as average time spent with your sponsor’s brand.

More Than the Boards Can Be Sponsored

Sponsored ImageThink mural

There is a ton of value in sponsoring the boards themselves. But some of your partners may be interested in taking it a step further. ImageThink can work with your sponsors to create infographics and ImageBoards in advance of the conference with messaging that they want to share with your attendees.

Included alongside the ImageThink outputs from general sessions like keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats, this content can be absorbed, processed, and shared by attendees with greater attention and interest than a traditional ad or banner might garner.

Alternatively, a partner could choose to sponsor executive summaries of your event, engaging with ImageThink to analyze, synthesize, and organize a graphic of overall takeaways from your conference. This content can be pushed to attendees via your conference app, email, social media, and on displays for future events.

Engage Your Attendees by Engaging ImageThink

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