Elevating 4 Big Ideas From America’s Most Innovative Start-ups.

ImageThink was at AdThink to visualize the big ideas and engagement.

Customer insights, tech innovations and creative storytelling; At this month’s AdThink event, the hottest start-ups in America shared their futuristic marketing strategies through a series of 5-minute elevator pitches.  

As platinum sponsors of Ad Club, ImageThink was excited to be onsite at Subculture, NYC once again to visualize the innovative marketing strategies and big ideas for AdThink’s panel with live graphic recording. Wish you could have been there? Not to worry. Here are 4 ways these creative start-ups can help you boost your marketing strategy, summarized in a visual storyboard.

A peek into our visual storyboard and sketchnotes for America's most innovative startup ideas.

1. Talk to your consumer in the same way you would talk to a friend on a park bench. 

We’re living in a web of mechanical marketing communication strategies and automated chatbots, leaving the advertiser with little or no room to engage in a friendly conversation. In a flurry of a zillion advertising messages, it might sometimes become difficult to process and retain all the information at once. Nadia Masri, founder and CEO of Perksy, uncovered a consumer insight by showing us an interesting way to engage with your audience through a DIY reward program. Pro–tip from Nadia? Redraw the rules by engaging in a real-time conversation with your consumer, be a good listener, and reward them for staying in touch with your brand/service.  

2. Weave an intriguing message to tell your brand story in a compelling way. 

Ever dreamt of having an extra brain executing your latest innovative marketing idea so you can get started on executing your next one? Imagine having an endless collection of the most creative minds from all over of the world, hungry for briefs and craving to generate amazing content; Zooppa uses a ‘çreative first’ curated marketing approach to unlock your business potential like never before. Pro–tip from Zooppa? Seek creativity with a purpose to picture your big insights and ideas in a results-oriented approach for your organization.  

ImageThink was graphic recording the big pitch ideas from 4 innovative startups.

3. The 60 second ‘Math’ to your Marketing mix: Drive quick results for your business objectives. 

Most companies struggle to implement innovative digital marketing strategies because access to premium programmatic advertising platforms come with high barriers to entry and complexities that demand a lot of time and resources. With ‘Media Math’, you can now structure and launch your campaigns in less than 60 seconds to effectively scale across all channels. The secret formula from Adlib to picture your long–term marketing goals effectively? Manage more campaigns + spend less time = drive better outcomes. 

A glimpse of event attendees for AdClub's event at Subculture, NYC.

4. Break away from boundaries, experiment with physical spaces creatively.  

Enamored with the idea of augmented reality but shelving it for the next business quarter? It’s time to take the plunge and go for AR, as more and more brands are adopting a futuristic approach. In their presentation, Gate Reality painted a picture of the future of out-of-home marketing by overlapping custom AR experiences with beautiful hand painted murals. Pro–tip from Gate Reality? Don’t hesitate to dole out a few dollars from your marketing budget to experiment with a little technology—you’ll be on the right side of history. 

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