Draw Your Way into the Future, with ImageThink Infographics

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Ignite conversation and capture key insights at your company off-site, with graphic recording.

 It’s Off-Site season! Are you ready?

As fall sets in and the year comes to a close, it’s time to begin reflecting on the past year’s successes and shortcomings, and begin planning for the next.  That means poring over metrics and making sense of tons of data points. It means gathering for strategy reviews, evaluating internal processes, and working to make them more efficient and impactful. It means asking complex questions, like how one department’s goals depend upon and impact another’s.  

And most importantly, it means gathering all of the learnings and insights into a clear and actionable guide to your company’s growth next year. 

Overwhelmed yet? 

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Draw your way into the Future with ImageThink

At ImageThink, we’re passionate about helping companies work through that complexity to reach actionable clarity. How? By empowering your team to stay focused, energized, and engaged through real-time graphic recording. Here are a few ways that graphic recording can help you make the most of your year-end strategy sessions: 

  1. Encourage cross pollination of ideas. Seeing each other’s ideas drawn live will spark new ideas, and reveal the interconnection between seemingly disparate parts of your team.
  2. Increase commitment to collective goals. With graphic recording, your team will remember thirty percent more than they would with dry text on a flipchart. When your goals are in the form of a drawing, they’re also more likely to keep a copy next to their desks the rest of the year!
  3. Turn reams of data into digestible content. We know spreadsheets are crucial to organizing year-end data, but we also know that rows of numbers tend to make folks eyes glaze over. Graphic recording adds an engaging element to any presentation, and turns dry data into humanized content.
  4. Organize and prioritize your goals. The best brainstorms are a double edged sword: tons of new ideas can mean your team gets spread too thin pursuing them all at once. Use our graphic recording to evaluate which ideas are low-hanging fruit, and which are worth pursuing long term. A simple sticky-note vote will help your team prioritize goals and get on the same page.
ImageThink infographic action plan
Infographics are a great way to consolidate insights into concrete, shareable action plans.

Don’t let the insights die: Picture your next steps, with hand-drawn infographics

We’ve seen it happen too often: a fantastic strategy session brimming over with innovative ideas… and then nothing comes of them. Give your team a tool to move the big ideas out of the conference room and into their everyday activities, with session summaries and vision boards.  After the session is done, our graphic recorder will work closely with you and your team to identify key insights and actionable next steps, to create a refined synthesis of your entire meeting. Hang the final image in your office space as a reminder of your team’s shared goals, and to track your progress against them. 

Even better? Design a custom journey map, to identify tasks and owners on the way from today to next year. 

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