Happy Holidays from ImageThink

From your friends and strategic partners at ImageThink, happy holidays.

Happy holidays from your friends and strategic partners at ImageThink.

We couldn’t go into the new year without expressing gratitude to our kind clients, staff, and readers. So, without further ado…

Thank you all for another fantastic year at ImageThink.

We have thoroughly enjoyed capturing your big ideas and unlocking the potential of your organizations with visual solutions. As part of ImageThink’s holiday celebrations, we wanted to share our year in review – because, after all, we couldn’t have done it without you.

2022 in Review

This past week, our fully remote team traveled to Brooklyn, New York to meet for our annual winter offsite. Our time together provided the opportunity connect and participate in fun team-building activities (who knew it would involve hazmat suits that would eventually be covered in neon-colored paint?). We also, of course, spent a considerable time reflecting on the past year, using visual facilitation to build out our 2023 strategy.

Now, in good fashion, we’d like to present you our ImageThink “Wrapped,” complete with some of our most notable stats from 2022:

In 2022, ImageThink created 1,255 strategic visuals.

In 2022, ImageThink’s team of skilled visual strategists created 1,255 strategic visuals, including visual boards, SLM’s, graphics, gifs, and videos.

In 2022, ImageThink completed 191 jobs.

ImageThink completed 191 graphic recording, visual facilitation, and strategic visual jobs in 2022, spanning across North America and Europe.

In 2022, ImageThink formed partnerships with 115 clients.

Finally, ImageThink partnered with 115 clients across industries like education, health care, pharmaceutical, tech, SaaS, non-profit, retail, consulting, and more.

We are pleased to have supported your meetings, events, and projects in 2022. Cheers to breaking all of these records in 2023!

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What can we create together in 2023?

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