Chamillionaire on Ringtones, the Middleman, and Mobile Technology

What is the result of combining a grammy winning rapper, an african drumming instructor, a music producer and woman with a marker in a german castle? The results are below:Chamillionaire at MLOVE – Click to Zoom

Atlanta rapper, Chamillionaire, along with Beverly Jackson, of the Grammy’s, producer Justin Ellington, and African drummer John Fitzgerald spoke at the con-festival MLove about how mobile technology has impacted the music industry.

John and Justin both recognized the potential technology has to create larger communities. As a producer, Justin has used his phone to directly record tracks and work quickly when inspiration hits.

Chamillionaire has used the internet to directly reach his fans and has credited technology as empowering musicians to directly reach their fans. He uses facebook and his own website to stay engaged and inspire his followers. In his own words he wants to take his “fans around the world with me.”  He continually strives to find a balance between giving his fans free content and still earn money to support the music industry.

Beverly Jackson, Justin Ellington and John Fitzgerald at MLove Mobile Technology
Nora Herting scribes for Chamillioniare’s talk on Mobile Technology on MLove

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