Emoji Music Video


Emojis are quickly becoming some of the most defining symbols of the 21st century. Who doesn’t see an emoji or two daily whether online, over e-mail, or through texting? And as Graphic Recorders, we are fascinated about symbols, popular icons, and their usage in our visual culture.

Recently we were tickled to stumble across this music video entirely made of emojis as featured on Fast Company’s website:

“People have used emojis to translate song lyrics before. They’ve even done it on other Fast Company sites. What Brooklyn producer Oneohtrix Point Never has done, however, is use these symbols to graft a narrative onto an instrumental piece of music in a video. Directed by John Michael Boling, whose website has a very fun url, “Boring Angel” is an atypical tale told atypically.”

What symbols do you think should be emojis? Tweet us at @ImageThink with your ideas we’re always looking for drawing challenges.

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