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Empowering teams to think and work visually.

Graphic facilitation and graphic recording help navigate the tricky waters of your toughest challenges

ImageThink helps teams SEE the big PICTURE

Using tools like graphic facilitation, visual theory, and design thinking principles, we enable clients to capture and communicate complex information and insights.

How does ImageThink transform work?

ImageThink elevates hybrid meetings for distributed teams with graphic recording, facilitation, and agenda design.

Elevate Hybrid Meetings

How do you keep participants attentive and engaged during virtual meetings? ImageThink keeps remote and in person attendees connected, collaborative, and creative with graphic facilitation.

ImageThink strategic visuals chart a path forward and document your most important ideas. They can be animated, too.

Visualize and Share Insights

Rely on ImageThink’s team of visual strategists to help translate and communicate your best ideas into customer or patient journey maps, time-lapse animations, or visualize strategies.

A skilled ImageThink graphic facilitator can help synthesize disparate ideas into new paths forward

Transform Your Strategy

Bring in a visual facilitator to design and guide your most mission-critical meetings. ImageThink will design your agenda, lead creative brainstorming breakouts, and inspire leadership and decision-making.

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“Nora’s visualization at the end was amazing – keep doing that for future customer interactions, because I’ve never seen that before and was a cool way to end the session.”

We just wrapped the first day of the advisory board and wanted to share some high level feedback on the graphic image – all around powerful. Takeda was especially please with the participants reactions!

Here are just two quotes from the participants:

“Phenomenal and right to the point. Never seen this laid out like this.”

“I have not cried since my diagnosis until today. Strange how one illustration brought it all out. Lots of virtual hugs.”

The image assets were outstanding and will be great artifact for our Product Managers moving forward.

Our campus constituents are very excited about the work that has taken place between JSU and ImageThink. So much so that departments are still asking about the services and how they can use the services. I make a referral at least once a week and sometimes more.

What is ImageThink?

Dedicated team of graphic facilitators and graphic recorders

Founded and led by Nora Herting, ImageThink visual strategists are recognized experts, providing Graphic Facilitation and Visual Communication Services.

Like all great art, graphic recording helps people make connections and tells a story.

A true creative partner, ImageThink offers a full complement of support, delivering visual problem solving that continues long after your meeting or event ends.

ImageThink graphic facilitators travel physically, or virtually, to support our clients

ImageThink has delivered impactful, engaging visual innovation for more than a decade. Our team of visual strategists support hundreds of engagements every year, all around the world.

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