Pop Chart Lab: Infographics

December 19, 2013

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Do you love infographics? We do at ImageThink! And, Pop Chart Lab is a frequent favorite of our’s for go-to design inspiration:


Their fun layout styles and bright illustrations make for a fun read. We love the creative mapping styles Pop Chart Lab uses when arranging theme-specific data on the page. Plus, who knew there were so many varieties of coffee? Or, varieties of pasta (like below): P-Pasta_Print_Main_500x669b_1024x1024 At ImageThink we are always inspired by how information can be visually represented. As Graphic Recorders, we are always transforming complicated data or organic conversations into clear graphics with words and pictures! ImageThink-Graphic-Recording1 To learn more about ImageThink’s capabilities in transforming information into live, visual images, please visit our Services page for more information.