How to Draw Grumpy Cat in 5 Easy Steps

August 20, 2013

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5EasySteps_GrumpyCat How to Draw Grumpy Cat in 5 Easy Steps! Did you know? 1. CBS named Grumpy Cat was the most popular celebrity attraction at SXSW 2013, with over 600 fans lining up hours over a distance of 3 city blocks to meet the feline star. 2. Grumpy Cat’s unusual pout is natural;  she was born with feline dwarfism and a severe underbite which give her a uniquely adorable expression despite being an otherwise normal, happy kitty. 3. Keyboard Cat and Grumpy Cat share the same manager, Ben Lashes.   To follow our on-going series, How To Draw in 5 Easy Steps, please check-out our blog for past entries or visit our Tumblr for more illustrations!