How to Draw a Rocket in 5 Easy Steps

March 11, 2014

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5EasySteps_Rocket Did you know? 1. In 1232 BC, the Chinese used rocket-arrows propelled by burning gunpowder in their war with the Mongols. While not very effective, they were likely a frightening sight. 2. On 4 October 1957, the R-7 ICBM was the first rocket to launch an artificial satellite – Sputnik 1 – into orbit. This marked the start of the Space Race between the US and the USSR. 3.  SpaceX, a company pioneering commercial space travel, launched Falcon 9 on 10 December 2010. With an unmanned capsule, it orbited Earth twice before landing in the Pacific! To follow our on-going series, How To Draw in 5 Easy Steps, please check-out our blog for past entries! SXSW_ImageThink_logo_2014_220And speaking of rockets, catch ImageThink at  the technology mecca, SXSWi, March 7th – 11th, in Austin, Texas!