Happy World Sketchnote Day!

January 11, 2016

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James Lakes sketchnotes for World Sketchnote Day

James Lake’s sketchnotes for World Sketchnote Day

ImageThink utilizes sketchnotes for client work, training, and our own personal notes. We love sketchnoter Mike Rohde, and saw that today is World Sketchnote Day. Our graphic recorder James Lake drew up visual notes from the past day, including the Golden Globes, Alice Paul, and David Bowie. Below are some more samples of our sketchnotes in action.

Derrick Dent’s sketchnotes of icons

Greta Hayes' sketch notes from IFVP

Greta Hayes’ sketchnotes from IFVP


Aaron Mayper’s sketchnotes for Ignite Gotham

Happy World Sketchnote Day, everyone!