A Taste of London

December 5, 2012

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ImageThink crossed the pond for to join Novo Nordisk as they put clinical trial information to practice at their London conference. We visualized their findings and insights throughout the day into a three-dimensional, 40-foot mural. Afterwards, Heather and Nora spent the weekend exploring London and connecting with colleagues. Our first stop was Bourough Hall Market, where we marveled at delicious walls of brownies, piles of pastries and colorful curries.  We spent hours in the  the Tate Modern which included a site specific installation by beloved artist, William Kentridge. We ended the day at the renown Tayyabs in Brick Lane  for delicious dal and saag alo. I (Nora) was faced with some creative packing challenges after I loaded up on gifts at the Spitafield Market — a covered market full of restaurants, clothing and jewelry.

Borough Hall Market

A walk along the Thames and Big Ben brought us to the Tate London to see the nominees for the illustrious Turner prize and a long visit to the National Gallery where I set out on a mission to see Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Wedding Portrait.

While we left London with a long list of to-do’s remaining, we look forward to returning in March for Qcon London.